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Home Inspector


Steve Wehrman runs the show. With more than 10 years experience as an assistant to his brother, a professional engineer, and Buck Durham, our founder and professional engineer, Steve has waded through Hurricane- and Tornado-ravaged homes, performed countless mappings of floor plans and foundation plans and roof framing plans in hundreds if not thousands of houses---all to finally impress on him the most common causes of structural problems with houses, as they abound, throughout North Alabama. With more than three years of home inspections under his belt, Steve holds the sole home inspector license for our firm and brings a wealth of experience to each inspection. From newly constructed slab foundations to fifty-year old ranchers on crawl spaces to 100+-year-old stately mansions on brick foundation basements, Steve has seen very much in the last 10 years! Forty and fifty hour workweeks are nothing new to Steve.

Steve is married, hails from Southwestern Missouri and is the proud father of three teenagers. He maintains an office in his home in rural Cullman and covers all our inspections from Birmingham to Nashville!



Attended Southwest Missouri State University

Autocad Drafting Training from

University of Alabama

Birmingham (UAB)


Home Inspector
License # HI-4164

Member of ASHI



Inspections Performed:

• Floor Level Surveys
• Cracked foundations
• Cracked brick veneer
• Cracked interior drywall
• Floor, ceiling and roof sag
• Wood Pest Infestation Damage Evaluations
• Cupped Hardwood Flooring Evaluations
• Supervision of Foundation and Structural Repairs
• Home and Commercial Building Inspections
• Assists in Structural Evaluations.