3322 South Memorial Parkway, Suite 215
Huntsville, AL 35801



Our Huntsville office is located on South Memorial Parkway near the landmark, Joe Davis Stadium. Because we are located in the heart of Huntsville, we have the ability to perform several daily inspections in a timely, and convenient manner. Realtors who need engineering and home inspections can request same-day service. Please call our office for more information on contracting our services.

Buck is president of JADE, and a Professional Engineer. He solely concentrates on the engineering services side of the company. Steve is JADE’s licensed ASHI Home Inspector, and performs all of Huntsville's home inspections and specialty inspections. Together, Buck and Steve work together to solve real estate problems all over North-Central Alabama.

We'd love to earn your business. Please call now to schedule an appointment to meet with an engineer or inspector.


To consult with an Engineer or set up an Inspection or Test, please call our office, or fill out the form below.

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Inspections Performed:

• Pre-purchase Home Inspections
• Commercial Building Inspections
• Radon Testing
• EIFS Moisture Intrusion Surveys
• Commercial Roofing Inspections
• Cracked foundations

• Cracked brick veneer
• Cracked interior drywall
• Floor, ceiling and roof sag
• Cracked/leaning retaining walls
• Evaluations of the removal of load-bearing walls
• Evaluation of Sagging Garage Door Lintels


• Wood Pest Infestation Damage Evaluations
• Cupped Hardwood Flooring Evaluations
• Supervision of Foundation and Structural Repairs
• Lead Painting Testing