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James A. "Buck" Durham, PE

Licensed Professional Engineer Serving North Alabama & South Tennessee areas — Over 31 Years Experience

Foundation and structural engineer performing: commercial building inspections; foundation/structural inspections for Realtors, mortgage companies, banks, contractors and home/building owners; and structural design services to owners/contractors in the building construction industry. Buck is the backbone of the company and works with his team to solve real estate problems in Alabama and Tennessee.


BS Civil Engineering 1980
University of Missouri-Rolla

MS Engineering 1987
University of Tennessee


AL Professional Engineer
License # 15581

TN Professional Engineer
License # 20558


• Cracked foundations
• Cracked brick veneer
• Cracked interior drywall
• Floor, ceiling and roof sag
• Cracked/leaning retaining walls
• Evaluations of the removal of     load-bearing walls
• Evaluation of Sagging Garage Door Lintels
• Wood Pest Infestation Damage Evaluations
• Cupped Hardwood Flooring Evaluations
• Septic System Inspections
• Development of Foundation and Structural Repairs
• Supervision of Foundation and Structural Repairs

JADE is actually an acronym for James A. Durham Enterprises.  James A. (Buck) Durham started and owned a variety of Engineering and Inspection companies dating back to 1987 Buck has been fascinated with all these different enterprises and spent hard time in the trenches with each of them in order to pay his dues.  He learned from experience what was not taught in the classroom.

Mr. Durham graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 1980 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  Buck played defensive end on the school’s football team and the number 8 position on the school’s rugby team (finally getting caught his senior season by the head football coach!)  After graduating from Rolla, Buck went to work for the TVA in Knoxville, TN where he pursued and obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering from UT and played for Knoxville’s City Rugby Club.

In May, 1987, with a professional engineering license and Master’s Degree, Buck started JADE Home Inspection and JADE Septic Systems.  A few years later, he started JADE Engineering, where he found himself immersed in Forensic Engineering, working mainly for property and casual insurance companies.  In 2013, Buck went back to his roots and immersed himself into the residential sector with a 100% dedication to solving Real Estate Problems as it relates to the above-described areas of our engineering expertise.