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Huntsville Engineering Inspectior


Foundation and structural engineer performing: commercial building inspections; foundation/structural inspections for Realtors, mortgage companies, banks, contractors and home/building owners; and structural design services to owners/contractors in the building construction industry. Buck is the backbone of the company and works with his team to solve real estate problems in Huntsville, AL, all over North-Central Alabama.


BS Civil Engineering 1980
University of Missouri-Rolla

MS Engineering 1987
University of Tennessee


AL Professional Engineer
License # 15581

TN Professional Engineer
License # 20558


• Cracked foundations
• Cracked brick veneer
• Cracked interior drywall
• Floor, ceiling and roof sag
• Cracked/leaning retaining walls
• Evaluations of the removal of     load-bearing walls
• Evaluation of Sagging Garage Door Lintels
• Wood Pest Infestation Damage Evaluations
• Cupped Hardwood Flooring Evaluations
• Septic System Inspections
• Development of Foundation and Structural Repairs
• Supervision of Foundation and Structural Repairs