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JADE Engineering & Home Inspections has been inspecting homes since 1987. We are one of the oldest inspection companies in the State of Alabama. James "Buck" Durham, owner,  exclusively performs engineering services. Steve Wehrman, licensed ASHI Home Inspector, performs all other inspections. ASHI the most respected professional, non-profit, professional home inspection organization in the nation. JADE Engineering & Home Inspection adheres to the published Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of ASHI in all inspections.

Since 1987, we have performed more than 6,000 ASHI Standard Home Inspections. Our Home Inspectors are members of ASHI. In addition, our Home Inspectors are required to attend continuing education courses and/or ASHI/HomePro seminars, as well as periodic in-house training and discussion sessions. Our standards ensure clients that the home inspector we send to the site is competent and knowledgeable about safe and proper residential construction. It also means they are up-to-date in interrelated electro-mechanical plumbing subsystem installation.

We understand that you place a great deal of confidence in us when you ask us to perform a home inspection. Our Home Inspectors and Engineering  Inspectors will meet you at the home site. We will explain our inspection procedures, and introduce you to the ins and outs of our computer-generated reporting system. We won't be satisfied until you have had all your questioned answered.

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice can be reviewed HERE.

Jade Home Inspection & Engineering Evaluation Services

My name is James Durham and I am president and owner of Jade Engineering & Home Inspection. I started Jade Engineering in 1987 and we’ve been in practice now for around 31 years.

Our primary objective and goal is to provide unbiased engineering evaluations of real estate properties both residential and commercial. Our overall goal is to put the house into proper perspective for you. A lot of times, houses are evaluated by contractors, foundation repair contractors, roofers, a number of different building trades— all who often recommend expensive repairs, and we provide a second opinion, whether those repairs are truly necessary.

We would like our clients to understand that we provide impartial evaluations. We do not make repairs. The primary benefit of hiring Jade Engineering is 31 years of experience evaluating structural, foundation, moisture related— any type of problem with a residential or commercial building.

Why Jade?

The primary difference between our company, Jade Engineering, and other structural engineers is that we strictly focus on residential and commercial problem evaluations. We do not make our living making repairs to houses or commercial buildings. We are non-biased. We are educated; we understand the engineering aspects of houses and commercial buildings.

Residential Home Inspections & Commercial Building Inspections

In addition to our engineering inspections, we also provide pre-purchase home inspections of both residential and commercial properties. Like all other home inspectors, we are licensed in the state of Alabama. Whenever you hire a Jade Home Inspector, you can expect a trained professional who will do everything he can to put that home or commercial building into proper perspective for you.

We Want to Earn Your Trust

Our motivation is to earn customer loyalty. We want to impress upon you our knowledge and expertise so that you’ll tell your friends and family the great experience you had. Our inspectors have worked extensively with our engineers to understand the most common foundation and structural problems with houses and commercial buildings so they have an advantage over our competition.

Our Team Members

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James A. (Buck) Durham, P.E.


Foundation and structural engineer performing: commercial building inspections, foundation/structural inspections for Realtors, mortgage companies, banks, contractors and home/building owners; and structural design services to owners/contractors in the building construction industry. Buck is the backbone of the company and works with Steve to solve real estate problems all over North-Central Alabama.



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Steve Wehrman

Home Inspector

Steve Wehrman runs the show. With more than 10 years experience as an assistant to his brother, a professional engineer, and Buck Durham, our founder and professional engineer, Steve has waded through Hurricane- and Tornado-ravaged homes, performed countless mappings of floor plans and foundation plans and roof framing plans in hundreds if not thousands of houses---all to finally impress on him the most common causes of structural problems with houses, as they abound, throughout North Alabama.