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Dedicated To Engineering Inspections in Alabama & Tennessee

JADE Engineering & Inspection has been performing engineering inspection and design services since 1987, making us one of the oldest inspection companies in North Alabama and South-Central Tennessee. James "Buck" Durham, PE, currently performs all engineering services including building inspections, failure-damage assessments and foundation/structural design. With offices in Huntsville, AL and Franklin, TN, Buck spends part of his time in North Alabama and part in South-Central, TN.

Our 32-plus years of experience and ethical posture ensure clients that the inspection/design services they receive are performed in a manner that is consistent with the International Building Codes and professional engineering standards.

We understand that you place a great deal of confidence in our services when you request an engineering inspection, consultation or foundation/structural/onsite-sewage-disposal design.

Jade Engineering & Inspection Evaluation Services

My name is James Durham and I am president and owner of Jade Engineering & Inspection. I started Jade Engineering in 1987 and we’ve been in practice now for over 31 years.

Our primary objective is to provide unbiased engineering evaluations of real estate properties -- both residential and commercial. Our overall goal is to put a property into proper perspective for you. Many times, properties are evaluated by contractors, foundation repair contractors, roofers, or a number of other building trades— who often recommend expensive repairs. We can provide a second opinion on whether those repairs are truly necessary. We present the facts and are impartial, no matter who hires us. We do not slant our opinions to benefit anyone or any side of a transaction. If we can help you, fine. If not, we are sorry. Regardless, we can offer solutions to correct any problem or concern that might exist.

Why Jade?

The primary difference between our company, Jade Engineering, and other structural engineers is that we strictly focus on residential and commercial problem evaluations. We do not typically work primarily with Architectural Firms designing multi-story buildings, schools, shopping centers, etc.

Our specialty niche entails evaluating structural and moisture-related-damage problems with houses and buildings. We are often asked to evaluate the same types of things that contractors are asked to evaluate—by a variety of clients. Unlike contractors, however, we do not make our living making repairs to houses or commercial buildings. We are non-biased and impartial. We are educated and have over 32-years of field experience evaluating structural, foundation, moisture- related and soil/geology-related problems -- basically any type of problem with a residential or commercial property.

We Want to Earn Your Trust

Our goal is to earn customer loyalty. We want to impress you with our knowledge and expertise so that you’ll tell your friends and family the great experience you had. We have worked and studied extensively to understand the most common foundation and structural problems with houses and commercial buildings, and have the advantage over our competition through years of focused experience.

Owner of JADE Engineering & Inspection


buck durham engineering inspector pe

James A. (Buck) Durham, P.E.


With a Masters Degree specializing in foundation and structural engineering, Buck has spent the last 32-years of his life performing residential/commercial building inspections for owners/purchasers; failure-damage assessments for major insurance companies; specific foundation/structural inspections for Realtors, mortgage companies, contractors and home/building owners; foundation/structural design services for owners/contractors; and onsite sewage disposal system designs for new systems, both residential and commercial, as well as failure-assessments and the development of repair plans for failing septic systems. Buck has been licensed in Alabama and Tennessee since 1986 and started his engineering career in 1981.


BS Civil Engineering 1980
University of Missouri-Rolla

MS Engineering 1987
University of Tennessee


AL Professional Engineer
License # 15581

TN Professional Engineer
License # 20558


• Cracked foundations
• Cracked brick veneer
• Cracked interior drywall
• Floor, ceiling and roof sag
• Cracked/leaning retaining walls
• Evaluations of the removal of     load-bearing walls
• Evaluation of Sagging Garage Door Lintels
• Wood Pest Infestation Damage Evaluations
• Cupped Hardwood Flooring Evaluations
• Septic System Inspections
• Development of Foundation and Structural Repairs
• Supervision of Foundation and Structural Repairs