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Deck Collapse – Lawsuits & Injuries

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Building codes and requirements have really gotten tougher over the past years for deck construction. That being the case, newer decks being built are stronger and more enduring than ever before, preventing deck collapse. BUT, there are literally millions of outdoor decks in America that were built before the codes got tougher. 

So the bottom line is, there are still a lot of UNSAFE decks out there. As the temperatures warm and people seek enjoyment from outdoor life, some of those decks are bound to fail... and sometimes the failure can be catastrophic.

deck collapseDeck Collapse in the News:

Another deck failure, reported from Logan, Utah, resulted as party-goers congregated to play games on the deck. 3 party-goers were taken to the hospital with injuries. Also, in O'Fallon, Illinois, a deck suddenly collapsed as a dozen family members were gathering for a funeral.In the past months, there have been a few noteworthy deck failures that have made the news. One in particular, a commercial establishment in Savannah Georgia, injured 14 people, and resulted in multiple lawsuits. The suits contended that the deck failure was due to negligence on the owner's part who allowed the deck to "become dilapidated, fall into disrepair and exist in a dangerous condition." 

Do you know if your deck is code-compliant? More importantly, do you know if your deck is safe for you, your family and your friends? Forget about the fact that a deck failure might result in a lawsuit... it could possibly result in personal injury or even death. 

If your deck has not been inspected recently then you should call JADE for a comprehensive deck inspection. Call 256-318-0982 or contact us today!

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