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You Need a Second Opinion

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Imagine for a moment that you fell to the ground and got a scratch on your arm. You go to a clinic to get the scratch looked at and they tell you that you need a $10,000 operation to save your arm. There were no broken internal organs damaged...just a minor scratch on your arm! Would you take their word for it that you need this expensive operation, or would you get a second opinion?

As ridiculous as this scenario might sound, we see an alarming trend happening in the real estate market today. A small crack is observed in the exterior brick veneer of a home and the home owner calls a foundation repair company for a "Free" analysis of the crack. The foundation repair contractor recommends extensive foundation repair at the cost of $10,000 to "fix" the minor exterior crack. We at JADE Engineering and Inspection want to offer you a SECOND OPINION.

second opinion house doctorAt JADE, we consider ourselves to be the "House Doctors". We examine your house much like a doctor examines the human body. There are 3 main components to the body of your home:

  1. The Skin: The exterior brick veneer of your home is the "skin".  Sometimes blemishes and scratches appear on the skin that are of cosmetic concern but they are not a serious "health concern." Just a little cosmetic surgery is all that is needed to repair minor "skin" problems.
  2. The Skeleton: This is the wooden superstructure that supports the weight of the home. Problems that appear in the interior "skeleton" of the home are of more concern than those that appear only on the "skin".
  3. The Feet: The foundation of the home is often called "The footing". It's imperative that the feet of the home are stable and secure. But, even when the feet are slightly uneven, as long as the skeleton of the home has no major shifting or interior gaps and cracks, there should be no major concern.

The House Doctors Answer Frequently Asked Questions about the Health of Your Home

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