poor drainage

Poor Drainage: A Foundation Problem Waiting to Happen

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In one of our previous articles, we talked about Drought-Induced Foundation Settlement.  We concluded that most drought-induced settlement is relatively minor and has no long-lasting effects on a house's foundation ultimately. But, today we share with you a major concern and something we often take note of during our home inspections.

poor drainage
Downspouts that empty out right against the house's foundation can be a contributor to foundation settlement.

Poor Drainage

Poor drainage is one of the number one problems attributing to foundation settlement. After a rain, if there is standing water puddled up around the perimeter and footing of your house this could definitely create a problem. As the water sits there and absorbs into the soil beneath it, the soil becomes moist and gives way to the weight of the foundation of your house. As it gives way, the foundation could actually sink... perhaps just by fractions of an inch, but it sinks nonetheless. If the poor drainage issue is not fixed, after recurring rainfall over the process of months and years those "fractions of an inch" will add up and you might see significant foundation settlement as a result.

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