the house that buck bought

The House That Buck Bought…

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For a few years now, you've heard me preach about the injustices taking place, daily, in the Huntsville-metro Real Estate marketplace, regarding insecure home inspectors and their foundation repair contractor friends. Well, I want you to come see the house that Buck bought to live in.  According to two foundation repair contractors in Huntsville, recommended by the Home Inspector who inspected the home, my house had in excess of $15,000 worth of structural repairs that needed to be made.

The red outline shows the crack in the brick veneer that has been repaired. It was only a cosmetic crack, nothing that required extensive foundation repair as suggested by one of the foundation repair contractors.

The two contractors who supposedly gave a free evaluation to the original persons buying my home came up with two completely different proposals/suggestions for repair!  How many times has this happened to you?  

Two of the most prominent foundation repair contractors in Huntsville proposing two completely different methods and areas of repair! Sort of makes you wonder if either one of them know what they are doing or if they are telling the complete truth. This is why a good home inspector will recommend that a seller obtain the services of a structural engineer, not a foundation repair company, when assessing foundation/structure-cracking issues.

The crack above this interior doorway is in a non-load-bearing partition, and is, therefore, of little importance or consequence. It will be easy to repair.

My response to their findings about my house?

Speaking as a professional engineer myself, I said neither repair needed to be made, so I bought the home and I love it.  I love it's charm and character. And, I'm not the least bit concerned about the drywall cracks and brick veneer cracks it has, because I know they pose no serious threat. They are simply cosmetic issues that I may choose to fix in the future at a minimal cost. There was absolutely no need for me, or anyone else, to pay $15,000+ on the unnecessary foundation repair that they said was needed.

Please come see my new home and let me show you what the foundation repair contractors proposed and why I didn't feel the repairs were needed.

Although the numerous articles I've circulated to you since January 2013, over email, have focused on this same story but involving other people who hired me to question the accuracy or honesty of the foundation repair contractor's claims, this time I actually put my money where my mouth is!

Remember, call a structural engineer before you call a foundation repair contractor. Call JADE or contact us today!

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