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Home Inspections are like Phone Cases

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My friend, Greg told me his story about going to buy a new iPhone last Friday night. He said that he and his wife hadn’t bought a new phone in several years and they were shocked to find out how much the newest model cost. As the sales rep was setting up the new phones that were purchased they went to pick out the cases for their new phones. There was a wide variety of cases at a wide variety of prices..from $20 to $70 and more. Greg told me “At first we were just going to find the cheapest case on the shelf, but then I got to thinking ‘I’ve just spent a considerable amount of money for this phone, so I’m going to protect my investment by buying a better constructed, higher-end case…it wouldn’t make sense to put a cheaply-made case around such an expensive phone!’ ”

I thought I’d share this little story with you because it has far-reaching implications, and even pertains to the business of buying and selling homes when home inspections are needed. Why would anyone who is selling or buying the biggest financial purchase of their lives (a home) want to get the cheapest home inspection that’s available on the market? It doesn’t make sense. It’s like putting a cheap case on an expensive iPhone, for crying out loud! You’ve heard the old saying “You get what you pay for.” The same holds true for home inspections. All home inspections are not the same!

Home Inspections: Where Should I Start?

Everyone shops prices these days, and rightfully so, but shopping prices alone, when it comes to Home Inspections, can be COSTLY. Make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples”. A Home Inspection by JADE includes benefits that aren’t available with most other Home Inspections.

Home Inspections“Go to the shelf” and look at the price tag on your home inspection options. When you look at the price tag remember that the cheaper the product is that it is most likely of inferior quality to the more expensive ones. When you get a home inspection from Jade, you are paying for 31 years of home inspection experience, the knowledge of a professional structural engineer, and the wealth of resources that our seasoned professionals have garnered 31 years of inspections. We didn’t start our business “just yesterday”.

My friend Greg could drop his phone today and still feel confident that it’s safe and protected because he knows he bought one of the best cases on the market. Do you have that same confidence when you’ve ordered cheap home inspections for your clients? Call us at 256-318-0982 or contact us to get a “top-of-the-line” home inspection for your clients today.

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